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World number 1, non slip swim socks,

Sweakers® are already worn by more than 20.000 people worldwide

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Join us and become a frontrunner in offering fun and safety to your guests and customers.

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Fun and safety around the pool

Swimming should be all about fun and joy and is very important for ones physical development. Unfortunately pools can be very dangerous. Every year over 230.000 accidents are officially registered in Europe. The unregistered accidents are probably tri- of fourfold! The wet floors around swimming pools are slippery, and slipping and sliding is the rule rather than the exception, sometimes with serious injuries. Very strange that there was no adequate solution to solve this problem. Until now!

Sweakers® non slip swim socks, help you to stay on your feet at the slippery decks around pools and aquaparks. Due to the innovative designs and well thought placement of the sole Sweakers® can be worn in slides and aquatic attractions without the threats regular aqua shoes cause.

TRANSALTION I ordered Ockyz to see if it was actually useful for our holiday to Spain. I was a bit sceptical about it, but safety first. On receiving the Sweakers I immediately tried to put them on with my boy but the elastic broke. Well that was it for my faith in Ockyz. But I mailed the customer service, and within 2 days I had a new pair free of charge. Once arrived at the pool in Spain, the tiles appeared to be slippery and the children fell every time. My son 2,5 had the socks on and has not fallen once! Even while running! What an invention. I am really thrilled about Sweakers and would recommend it to everyone !!

8 Designs and 7 sizes

Ockyz® Sweakers® are available in 8 designs, split into Original Sweakers®, Character Sweakers® and Basic Sweakers®. Each design comes in 7 sizes;

  • EU - 19/22, 23/26, 27/30, 31/34, 35/38, 39/42 and 43/46
  • US - 4½ / 6, 7 / 9½, 10 / 13, 13½/3, 4/5, 6/8 and 10/12
  • UK - 4½ / 6, 6½ / 9, 9½ / 12½, 12½ / 2, 2½ / 5, 5½ / 8 and 8½ / 12


Sweakers® carry 4 regular shoe sizes, which makes them longlasting and cheaper per size than regular aqua shoes

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Why are Sweakers® so wanted?

These patented Sweakers® non-slip swim socks provides increased grip and give the ‘bare feet’ feeling through the thin stretch fabric and open toes. Sweakers® have the following advantages: are cool, comfortable, hygienic, fashionable, antibacterial, fast drying, suitable for chlorine and sea water and above all Sweakers® provide more grip compared to bare foot through its non-slip sole and optimal balance due to the open toe design.

  • Help prevent serious accidents and injuries
  • Easy and comforatble to wear
  • Open toes for optimale grip and balance
  • Anti-bacterial and hygienic
  • Fast-Drying
  • Durable and washable


Positive test results from:

  • TÜV Rheinland  “The level of grip of Sweakers® is above our standard.”
  • Innosportlab De Tongelreep (the training center of the Dutch Olympic swim team); “Wearing Sweakers®, non slip swim socks, while swimming, has no effect on swim speed nor technique”.
  • ENVOZ (partner of Swimming Teachers Association UK); “With kids wearing Sweakers® both swim teachers and parents are more at ease around the pool


The overall opinion of customers, pools and authorities is that Sweakers®, extra grip swim socks, are perfect for swimming!.

Sweakers® can be worn during all fun and leisure activities and even during swim training, swim lessons and all other aquatic sports without the inconvenience and shortcomings of traditional aqua shoes.


Join us and become a frontrunner in offering fun and safety to your guests and customers.


Do you want to be a reseller or a distributor?