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  1. 14,95 €
    For you, little surf dude. Floating in the water... totally relaxed. The Caribbean colors match you perfectly... sigh...
  2. 14,95 €
    Deep water colors for the real deep divers. The tough guys! Daddy will be proud to see your diving skills.
  3. 17,95 €
    Sunny swimwear for the charismatic sweet boys, the ones that always bring a smile to your face. Especially to Mommy’s. ;)
  4. 19,95 €
    Yippee! It's within reach, mom will hardly see if you are ice-cream on this swimsuit. Now you can even have more fun! ;)
  5. 19,95 €
    With this camouflage swim trunks you will be a part of the ocean, dive and hide ;) Let’s see if Daddy can find you.