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OCKYZ wants children to feel free and play safely in and around swimming pools. That’s why we designed special non-slip swimming socks with amazing designs. We call these swimming sneakers, SWEAKERS! Sweakers have open toes, are light weight and comfortable to wear. They are also anti-bacterial. We currently have a patent pending on Sweakers.

To make a real difference, it must be cool for kids to wear OCKYZ and Sweakers! That’s why we are launching a colorful designer swimwear line. A premium lifestyle brand, with our octopus logo as the main character. Just like in our OCKYZ music singles, books, games and movies that create empathy for the brand.


OCKYZ mission

Our mission is to contribute to a colorful and joyful world for children. We believe that all children are beautiful, unique, authentic and cool in their own way. Kidz deserve to develop their own true and unique Identity, regardless of the expectations of society. Let kidz be kidz. Safety and a healthy lifestyle are also important tools in creating a FUN world for Kidz.


OCKYZ vision

Our aim is to become the world’s greatest premium lifestyle online brand. We plan to distribute through E commerce (Ockyz webshop) and other leading internet market places. Retail is our business card; we only sell our exclusive line through the retail channels “Divaz and Dandyz”.  We have great affinity with water and swimming. We are an innovative company that introduced the Sweakers for indoor swimming pools in 2015.


Our story

Every parent is worried that their child slips, falls and hurts his/her head on the side of the pool. If it goes seriously wrong, nothing could undo a terrible accident that happened to your child. Isn’t it better to prevent accidents?

This is exactly what the founder of OCKYZ thought two years ago. He and his family were at a swimming pool and the floor near the pool was so slippery that every half hour children slipped. Some of them hitting the back of their heads. A terrifying sight. Something needed to be done!

He immediately searched for a solution and discovered that there were no non-slip products for kids that were cool and comfortable.

That’s why we invented Sweakers. 

Sweakers’ benefits: 

  • high technology anti-slip material
  • comfortable and easy to wear, with open toes
  • light weight
  • anti-bacterial and hygienic so odor free
  • quick drying
  • ergonomic
  • breathable
  • durable and washable
  • and last but not least, cool, fashionable and colorful.

Good to know: All our products will be manufactured in Europe.



Just fun!

Children want to play with their friends without thinking and not bother to stop to put on or take off clothing every time they go into or out of the water.  That’s why we designed our Sweakers to fit well so that children can wear them all the time, around and IN the pool.

Children also aren’t interested in hygiene and safety, they just want to have fun and look cute or cool. To match their needs, we have put a lot of effort into the design and use the most advanced technologies available in the textile industry.

With Sweakers, pools are much more fun. For your kid and for yourself. 

The safety of your child is priceless!

The facts

  • More than half of swimming pool injuries are caused by slipping.
  • Swimming pools need to find balance between rough and slippery surfaces. But rough surfaces are less hygienic, so there’s always some degree of danger.